XLV Blood Sword

This ship is currently dry-docked. It may be decommissioned or return to active status in the future.

XLV Blood Sword

Charleston, SC

The XLV Blood Sword is an honorable Imperial Xeno Legion vessel patrolling Charleston, SC. Crew is predominantly Romulan.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/316872709682212/

Group: XLV Blood Sword

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Ulfgar vestai-Jarok

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Crew Roster

  • CO 0 0/0/3 10 Commanding Officer

    Lieutenant Commander Ulfgar vestai-Jarok

  • XO Executive Officer

  • CM 0 0/0/0 0 Crew Member

    2nd Lieutenant K'Tal tai-Septaric